to live in peace

In fields of green, two foes did meet,
Their hearts consumed by hate and heat,
Their swords did clash, their shields did break,
As war consumed them, they did quake. 

For years they fought, their blood did spill,
Their tears did fall, their dreams did wilt,
Their lives were lost, their souls did cry,
For what they sought, they could not buy. 

But as they lay, their wounds did bleed,
They saw the truth, their hearts did heed,
For in their pain, their hope did rise,
They saw the other, with new-found eyes. 

They shared the pain, the loss, the fear,
They shared the hope, the faith, the cheer,
They saw the truth, so plain to see,
They were the same, in hearts and souls, and dreams. 

So hand in hand, they rose again,
Their hearts now filled with love, not pain,
They fought no more, they found a way,
To live in peace, to love and pray.